Here is not the usual spa

There are ice, salt, steam, colors and music.

The Mediterraneo Wellness Spa, with its glamor and sophisticated style, will give you new entrancing emotions for your relaxation


  • Swimming pool with heated salt water  (35 °) with ten different types of whirlpools.
  • Sauna 
  • Turkish bath
  • Ice cold relax, regenerating waterfall, cold mist and ice-flake fountain.
  • Emotional showers path.
  • Privé solarium terrace, where you can sunbathe in peace.
  • Salt Garden. Here you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of ” white gold ‘.
  • Color therapy and music therapy
  • The Mediterraneo lagoon swimming pool with water at 30 degrees with whirlpool and wellness waterfalls.

The spa is open every day from 10 to 20. The entrance for children under 14 is allowed only from 10 am to 12:30 pm

In the health club you can find a relaxing swimming pool surrounded by music and colors:
salted water to 35 degrees, for a warm, enveloping relaxation.
Ten different types of whirlpool, each giving you a different thrill.

Also enjoy the termarium with turkish bath flavored with shooting stars and sauna with color therapy. After the heat, thrown into cold relaxation with regenerating waterfall, the cold mist and ice-flake fountain.

Very pleasant after the sauna and turkish bath.

Tone up: Increases tonicity, reshapes skin tissue which rediscovers hydration and compactness (50′ 60€)

Draining: Lipid-reducing reduces cellulites blemishes, effective on located adiposity (60′ 80€)

Detox (body): Lymphatic drainage, eliminates excess toxins (50′ 70€)

Detox (face): Deep cleansing and hydration to get a light effect (40′ 50€)

Antiage (face): Relaxing, fights signs of aging (50′ 60€)

Hydrating (face): Hydrate in depth a real beauty ritual (40′ 50€)

Feet dream: Dreamy feet, a treatment with exfoliating scrub for the beauty of your feet, followed by plantar reflexology, a treatment of deep relaxation (60′ 70€)

Hot stone: Warm stones with an extraordinary decontracturing, detoxifying and revitalizing power. This massage improves blood and lymph circulation, fighting stress and insomnia

(60′ 90€)


Candle Massage: Choose your aroma (Strawberry, Lavander, Honey) (50′ 70€ – couple 120€)

Gold Massage: Golden massage with an aroma of vanilla, relaxing for the wellness of the body, gives softness and glory to the skin (50′ 60€)

Bamboo Massage: Vigorsous massage with strong biostimulating and reactivating features suitable for gluten, thighs and waistband, sportsmen’s favorite treatment (50′ 60€)

Fruit Massage: Choose your aroma (Lemon, Sweet orange, Passion fruit) (45′ 60€)

Hawaiano Lomi Lomi: Has a great draining and relaxing effect. Halves physical, muscular and emotional tensions (50′ 60€)

Ayurvedic: Rebalances harmony between mind and body as well as fights disorders such as cervical pain, muscular tension, cellulite and been eager (50′ 60€)

Californian: Promotes the elimination of toxins, aids digestion, increases self-confidence and reduces tensions on the mental level (50′ 60€)


Massage with aroma. Choose one for this:    (60′ 70€ – di coppia 130€)

Chocolate Massage: to stimulate endorphins, reducing stress

Honey Massage: For a sweet and wrapping wellness, with a strong anti-inflammatory power

Cinnamon Massage: against rheumatic pain, muscular rigidity and joint pain stimulates immune system and awakes the metabolism

Basil Massage: Anti-inflammatory acts on joint and calms anxiety and stress fellings

Mojito Massage: Returns tonicity and lightness to the body, giving pleasant sensation of freshness